headshot-smallFirearms Instructor David Dulaney
✓ 40 years shooting experience
✓ Texas DPS Certified License to Carry Instructor
✓ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor – Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Muzzleloading
✓ NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
✓ Law Enforcement Background – Texas Advanced Peace Officer License
✓ Dedicated NRA Member and Recruiter

I grew up in a home with firearms and learned to shot at a young age. I raised my two boys the same way teaching them respect for firearms and accuracy in every shot. I began teaching firearms safety and handling with the Boy Scouts of America at Camp Billy Gibbons during Summer Camp. There is great joy in watching a boy learn to safely shoot a firearm for the first time. My love for shooting lead me to become an NRA Certified Instructor to share my knowledge of shooting and firearms for protection and sport. I then became a Texas License to Carry Instructor so I could continue to help Texans defend themselves and their families. I am currently licensed as a Peace Officer in this great State of Texas with an Advanced Certification. I regularly participate in professional development in order to improve and increase my skills so I may offer a better learning experience for my students.